Who we are, it's what we like ;)

  • We like to invest in Private Equity to live unique human and technological adventures, to support entrepreneurs who have ambition, who dare, who anticipate, who make choices even if it's orthogonal to mainstream views.

  • We like innovations that change the game, that improve our lives, that allow us to go further on a sustainable way, that resonate with freedom, with cultural, social & environmental progress ; inclusive innovations.

  • We love the long run, the one that allows us to build these adventures, to see them deliver the value we expect, and to share it at the end.

  • We like agility and the ability to seize opportunities that can change the destiny of a company.

  • We like to share good times with people who are trying to move the World forward, on their own scale, without taking themselves too seriously, who like to share and give genuine feedbacks.

What guides us is what we believe in !

  • We believe that the choice of an investment is not only a matter of figures, market opportunities and technology, but also and above all a question of mindset and common values.

  • We believe that entrepreneurs need to surround themselves with key people as well as money to develop, and to address their ambition with success.

  • We believe that money is a mean and not an end, and that it is not necessary to raise crazy amounts of money to address a real ambition.

  • We believe that the financial success of an investment depends first and foremost on the financial success of its founders & managers, and that it is the result of a fully addressed business creation/investment thesis.

  • We believe in fighting spirit, resilience, agility, efficiency, transparency and conviviality to build extraordinary adventures.

More than words: actions & commitments

  • We are committed to federate a community of entrepreneurs & key executives as investors, in order to invest and to support entrepreneurs who share the same mindset and entrepreneurial values as we do.

  • We are committed to meet entrepreneurs who are ambitious, who think ahead, who wish to be supported and who have a certain culture of cash efficiency.

  • We are committed to create and to manage investment funds that allow each entrepreneurial adventure to respect its own agenda, and to provide it with the human and financial resources necessary to address its global ambition.

  • We are committed to a total transparency and community of interest with our investors, in particular with regard to management fees and the share of capital gains.

  • We are committed to share part of our global gains with non-profit associations to support education & entrepreneurship.