A dedicated team

15 years of tech investments, helping management teams turn their business profitable

Nicolas Meunier
Founder & CEO

After many years as a tech Investor, I have decided to support efficient entrepreneurs by providing them a full scope of expertise, thanks to a community of doers & performers, lead by entrepreneurs & key executives.

Ivan Michal
General Partner

Former investment banker and digital entrepreneur, I turned investor 10 years ago to support great entrepreneurs on their journey to build profitable tech companies, which will become the next generation of European leaders.

Thibault Hirsch

With a nice experience as a private equity analyst for well-established PE ManCo, I decided to provide long term added-value to support innovative companies willing to grow on a sustainable way.

Supported by a community of entrepreneurs

We share our passion for tech & investment with a community of +50 entrepreneurs ready
to join forces to deep-dive an investment opportunity to share their expertise/knowledge,
and to support operationally CEOs and their team post-investment.