Building healthy growth in tech

As professional investors in tech, we gather entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial FOs with a strong track-record in building cash efficient businesses, to finance and support ambitious entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their category as leaders.

Mostly B2B tech,
Europe based

Min. €1m revenue CAGR > 30%


Looking for
€1-5m in equity

Willing to build a bullish board

Talent is all about combining
growth & profitability.

All-in or nothing ?

Most entrepreneurs are asked to spend far too quickly the millions they have raised. Consequently they need a new round every 12/18 months, putting the company significantly at risk and diluting founders.

At Reflexion Capital, we believe that another road to success exists: raising the right amount of money while enjoying strong support from devoted partners and industry experts, to build high-growth and profitable tech companies.

Not only is it safer, but data proves that it works better. Reaching profitability is like freedom, it gives you access to a much wider variety of acquirers and exit types, and better valuations.

Building leading businesses

Our expertise resides in building a top-notch governance to challenge opportunities, and provide operational support to scale up companies to 20-50m€ in revenue while maintaining a sustainable profitability.

In addition to our team, we rely on a network of 40+ successful entrepreneurs to help you clear the roadblocks you are currently facing:

  • HR,

  • Business development,

  • International deployment,

  • Regulatory issues,

  • Build-up strategy,

  • etc.

Current portfolio


Marketing Marketplace

Exited Investments (so far)

LBO backed by Infravia

Acquired by MNH

Acquired by SMILE,
backed by

(Now D-Edge Hospitality)
Acquired by AccorHotel

LBO backed by
NewAlpha Verto

Recent news

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Reflexion Capital Deal #2

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A dedicated team

25 years of tech investments, helping management teams turn their business profitable

Nicolas Meunier
Founder & CEO

After many years as a tech Investor, I have decided to support efficient entrepreneurs by providing them a full scope of expertise, thanks to a community of doers & performers, lead by entrepreneurs & key executives.

Ivan Michal
General Partner

Former investment banker and digital entrepreneur, I turned investor 10 years ago to support great entrepreneurs on their journey to build profitable tech companies, which will become the next generation of European leaders.

Augustin de Cambourg

With a strong background in fundraising in Paris and Singapore for tech companies, I recently switched on the investor side to provide long term added-value to innovative companies.